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HMQ Shows

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HMQ plays at public events as well as many private shows including parties, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events. We add shows to our calendar frequently, so check back often and join our mailing list.


Annual semi-formal charity fundraiser held by the Sharks Foundation. Enjoy selections from NorCal wineries and food emporiums while mingling with Sharks players, coaches, broadcasters and alumni.  Get Tickets

SAP Arena, Downtown San José

Sampling with the Sharks

FEB 11
7-9 pm


HMQ will return to this great American brewpub on old Murphy Street. Last time here was a blast. Lots of fresh food, craft beers and cocktails paired with HMQ's monster song library. Free admission.

S. Murphy Avenue, Downtown Sunnyvale

Off the Rails Brewing Company

MAR 28
7-10 pm

SJ Muni.png

Kick off the July 4 weekend early with the Party on the Patio. Enjoy the Muni's full bar and food selection while  HMQ lays down tracks for dancing and dreaming on a warm summer evening. Free admission and parking.

Oakland Road, San José

San José Municipal Golf

530-830 pm

SJ Muni.png

HMQ will be back at the Muni with its wide variety of  tunes and treasures. All we need is you. Come join us for a night of rock, jazz, pop, fun, food and dancing.

Oakland Road, San José

San José Municipal Golf

530-830 pm

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​7-10 pm

530-830 pm

530-830 pm


Private event

Private event

Off the Rails Brewing Co.

San José Municipal Golf

San José Municipal Golf

Private event


Downtown Sunnyvale 

Oakland Road, San José

Oakland Road, San José