The HMQ Band

 Bryan at Rockbar Web.png

HMQ is a band of brothers from South Bay
who have been playing music together for decades. 


Their eclectic tastes and talents span more than 60 years
of rock, pop, funk, soul, jazz, dance and instrumental music

from Van Morrison to Maroon 5... 
from Grand Funk to Daft Punk...

from Pink Floyd to Black Eyed Peas... 
from Boz Scaggs to Bruno Mars.

Come to an HMQ show.
Bring some friends.
Sing. Dance. Celebrate life.
You will come back for more.
Welcome to the HMQ family.


Harold Martin

Bass guitar, vocals

Harold's bass is the heartbeat of HMQ and his spirit drives the musical souls of its followers. His full spectrum of skills provides a backbone for the varied musical styles in the HMQ song library. And his years of performing have developed legions of loyal followers who bring heartfelt excitement and spirit to HMQ events.


Andy Morales

Lead vocals, drums and percussion

Andy's inspired vocals and percussion are ever-present in HMQ music. His versatile vocal style and precision coupled with his amazing knowledge of decades of music make him one of the most sought-after musicians in Northern California. Over the years, his professional talents have earned him places on stage with members of Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, Malo and other world-famous acts.

 Bryan at Rockbar Web.png

Bryan Yoshida
Keyboards, vocals

Bryan is most often at the keyboard and microphone at HMQ gigs, laying down melodies, chords and vocals that drive the fullness and depth that HMQ is famous for. Bryan also plays bass guitar and harmonica, and performs audio and video production for music groups. An avid Beatles fan, Bryan has showcased his talents across California and on tour in the United Kingdom. Bryan's earlier career was as a staff producer and engineer for major Los Angeles and San Francisco recording studios.


Dave Petrucci

Guitar, keyboards, lead vocals

Dave's lead guitar keeps pace with the very best in the music business and steals the spotlight in many HMQ numbers. His slick keyboards and clean vocals showcase his versatility as both a solo and group performer. A spirited soldier of rock, jazz and blues, Dave's energy engages his audience and pulls them into his performances.


Mark Belshaw

Saxophone, guitar, keyboards, flute, lead vocals

Mark is best known for blistering sax solos that he delivers both on the stage and the dance floor. A truly versatile musician, Mark adds vocals, keyboard, guitar and flute to bring melody, harmony and depth to HMQ's rock, pop and jazz song list. Over the years, Mark's many talents and skillful ear have landed him spots on tour in the US, Canada and Asia.